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Karen's Quilted Creations

Hobbs Products

Heirloom 100% Cotton Natural, Unbleached 96" Wide - .25/linear inch

Heirloom Premium 80% Cotton/20% Poly Blend Natural or White 96" Wide
- .22/linear inch ($7.92/yd)

100% Polyester - 6oz. 96" Wide - .12/linear inch ($4.32/yd)

Warm Products

Warm & White Cotton 120" Wide - .36/linear inch ($12.96/yd)

Warm & Natural Cotton 124" Wide - .36/linear inch ($12.96/yd)

Soft & Bright 4oz Polyester 90" Wide - .16/linear inch ($5.76/yd)

Special order batts will be charged at the retail price. I am happy to
order any batt that you want - wool, silk, recycled bottles, bamboo,
black 80/20 etc.